Irish Book Awards: Terms & Conditions 2022


The Award is open to poems of up to 70 lines published between 1st November 2021 and 31st October 2022 in any of the following contexts: a collection of poems by a single Irish Poet; an anthology of poetry; an established journal or magazine (established for at least six months within the eligible period).

Poems must be original.

All poems must have been published during the qualifying period.

The poet must be Irish by birth, citizenship or long-term residence (10+ years)

An individual poet may only enter one poem by an editor or the poet themselves through the submission page.

Entries will not be eligible where the poet is a member of the independent judging panel, anyone involved in the administration of Listowel Writers’ Week or the Irish Book Awards or a close family relative of any such persons or organisation.

Adjudication on all eligibility issues will be at the discretion of the Awards’ executive body. Their decision will be final.

How to submit

Poems may only be submitted via the online form at

Closing date for entries is 31st August, 2022.

The entry form must be completed in full and the poem attached as a doc or docx in the format detailed below.

Poems may be submitted by the poet themselves or the editor of the publication in which the poem appears, with full permission of the poet, with a maximum of one poem per poet.

Submission of a poem is taken as acceptance of all the terms and conditions of entry. The submitting party must undertake to support the IBA’s promotional campaign and, if shortlisted, must attend the awards night, courtesy of Listowel Writers’ Week.

If public health requirements permit, the key events will be staged live.  If not, the awards will proceed on a virtual basis, same as last year.  At present, the Gala Dinner and Awards Ceremony is provisionally scheduled to take place in the Convention Centre Dublin.  The team are discussing a range of options and possible outcomes with sponsors, key stakeholders and the official media partner, RTÉ and updates will be posted regularly on the website.

Submission of an entry is taken as acceptance of all the terms and conditions of entry detailed on this page.


  • Submissions close – 31st August
  • Shortlist Announcement –20th October
  •  An Post Irish Book Awards Gala Dinner & Awards Ceremony – 23rd November

Format of Submissions

Submissions must be in a Word doc or docx format, typed in double line spaced and limited to 70 lines.

The document itself should be saved with the title of the poem ONLY as the file name.  The name of the poet or poet’s identity MUST not appear on the submission or document, we will receive those details via the completion of the form. If we receive poems with the name of the poet they will be disregarded.

All poems will be sent for adjudication and judged anonymously.

The title of the poem and its host publication ONLYMUST appear in the header or footer of all pages in the document.

The poet’s identity must NOT appear anywhere on the document itself as all poems will be judged anonymously.  If it does appear on the poem submitted we will be unable to forward it for adjudication.


All submissions will be judged anonymously, and the long list read by an independent panel of judges to be confirmed. The judging panel will select the final four poems to be shortlisted.

The Judging Panel’s decision is final.

The shortlist will then be voted on by the public and the Voting Academy with the poems available to be read online at

If there are any queries with regard to the terms and conditions or indeed any aspect of the Award, these can be emailed to