Home at Last – A Story by Jerry Mulvihill

Shayla the spider had been walking for a very long time. Her eight legs were frightfully tired. She could see a large house in the distance. ‘’I will be safe in there’’ she thought. Shayla scaled the wall and climbed up onto the window ledge. The window was slightly open. She crawled inside and dropped to the floor with a thud.

The unnatural light was dazzling. She quickly scampered across the floor under a bed. It was dark and dusty. Just as Shayla was about to go for a nap, she heard a loud scraping sound. Someone was brushing the floor. She hid in the corner and hoped she would be safe. The broom poked and prodded under the bed. ‘’I have to get out of here’’ she panicked.

The spider made a dash from under the bed. ‘’Eeeekk’’ cried the woman who was sweeping. Shayla ran as fast as she could. Never once looking back she soon arrived into the living room. She crawled along the carpet, pausing occasionally to catch her breath. Suddenly, she saw a man with a rolled up newspaper towering above her. He smashed the paper down to the ground almost hitting her.

Shayla rushed along the floor and crept under the television set. She could hear people talking.  ‘’There is a horrible spider under the T.V. , Ughhhh I hate Spiders’’ they said.

Shayla felt so alone. ‘’If only I could meet some other spiders. Then I would be happy’’. Later that night when everyone was sleeping, she left the shelter of the television in search of some food. Spiders can see very well in the dark so Shayla had no problem getting around. She squeezed under the crack of a door and entered the bathroom.

She climbed up the bath tub and slid inside. Shayla had no idea what a bath was. A human house was a new world to her. The little spider drank some water from the drain. Afterwards, she tried to climb out of the bath. It proved impossible. Again and again she almost made the top, but lost her footing and tumbled backwards. ‘’Oh dear’’ she sobbed.

The next morning a little boy was washing his hands in the sink. ‘’Huuhh’’ he gasped. ‘’What do we have here?’’. Shayla stayed perfectly still. The little boy cupped his hands together and scooped up the spider. ‘’Put me down! Put me down’’ Shayla shrieked. The little boy brought the spider to his parents. ‘’Oh my’’ cried his mother. ‘’Put that thing outside at once’’.

The little boy went outside to the garden and placed the spider on the ground. At first Shayla was excited to be out of the house and away from danger. But she quickly realised that once again she was without shelter and that much greater dangers lay outside, such as rain and animals.

She combed through the grassy jungle and emerged onto a pathway. This time she saw another building. It was much smaller and looked more like a shed than a house. Without delay she marched towards it. Shayla felt safer in this building. There were lots of old boxes, logs, and machinery scattered around. She crept under an old chair and had a little rest.

‘’Hello there’’ came a soft voice. Shayla squinted and noticed a little brown spider emerge from behind some logs. ‘’What’s your name?’’ he asked. ‘’I’m Shayla, I am looking for a place to stay’’.

‘’Well you’re in luck! There are all sorts spiders here. ‘’My name is Spike’’ he said with a friendly grin.

‘’Where did you come from?’’ he asked. I was lost until I came across a large house. I went inside but was chased everywhere. I certainly wasn’t welcome there. It seems people don’t really like spiders. I didn’t mean any harm’’ she explained sadly.

Spike nodded his head sympathetically. Yes, people don’t understand spiders. They are horrid creatures. Anyway, you are here safe now. You better start spinning your web if you want a comfortable place to sleep tonight.

Shayla found a lovely space in the corner of the shed. She climbed up the wall and quickly started spinning silk threads. After only one hour she had crafted a beautiful orb web. All the spiders came out to marvel at her beautiful creation. ‘’You are very talented’’ said an old spider. ‘’Will you help me with my web?’’ asked another young spider.

Shayla had found the home she had longed for. She mixed well with all the spiders and was admired greatly for her talent at spinning beautiful webs. Later that night, Shayla was treated to more food than she could have hoped for. She slept well amongst the other spiders in the garden shed.

The End.


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