Joe Craig Album Launch – Horseshoe Bar

Joe Craig
Joe Craig

The intimate Horseshoe Bar was a great setting for Joe’s songs. A talented piano player (I’d assumed there’d be guitar – that’s what I get for assuming) and full of energy, we had a wide range of renditions including My Fair Lady classics, to Ray Charles tribute songs, singalongs (e.g. the Cheers theme tune) and a variety of Joe’s own tunes – which he describes as swinging “from super cheesy love songs to really depressive, miserable songs.”

However, Joe’s songs were far from depressing; in fact, Joe is as talented at songwriting as he is at writing children’s books – the lyrics were actually very lovely and very touching. Even the drinking song he’d only concocted at midnight the night before! The tunes were fabulous – I love piano music and Joe’s voice perfectly complemented this versatile instrument.

There was a great crowd from the festival including lots of the Listowel team and writers; Roisin Meaney, Inbali Iserles, and Sarah Webb. After a busy day of launches, readings and Q&A sessions, it was great to kick back and relax with a glass of wine and some lovely light entertainment (I also indulged in the deep fried brie which is made in-house – try it if you can). The perfect way to wind down from the magic of the day.

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