Julie Feeney plays Listowel

Fabulous showmanship, haunting lyrics and beautiful melodies – that’s what you expect when you go to see Julie Feeney and her band play and that’s certainly what you get – even when she has (literally) just stepped off a flight from America and is due to fly back again the next morning.

Julie Feeney

Wearing an amazing outfit (think fluffy, white, swan-like dress, Sparkling Dorothy shoes and the most incredible  hat – see above – based on her album cover), she showed no sign of the long haul flight as she performed fabulous renditions of her songs – including “Impossibly Beautiful”, “Mr Roving Eye Guy” and “Love is a Tricky Thing”.

Engaging the audience not only with her seductive and poetic lyrics, but with a bit of good old Irish banter and theatrical choreography, this was an all-round show. It’s hard to describe (as any Julie Feeney fan will know) but I’ll try: it’s a uniquely complex mix of pop, piano-lounge intimacy, classical brilliance and a West End show.

Accompanied by her original band (she uses a different band in America with guest appearances form her Ireland-based musicians), there was also plenty of experimentation – cue voice-music and playing three recorders at once!

Julie expressed her joy and amazement at playing in the Big Top – “I used to come to Fossett’s as a child but I never dreamed…it’s a really strange but wonderful place to play.”

But Julie is no stranger to playing in bizarre places; after all, she played in the departure lounge in Terminal 5 at JFK airport – and guess what? The violinist kept going after the performance, straight onto the plane back to Dublin, ready to play again the next day.

Fun, quirky and magical – if you haven’t yet had the pleasure of Julie Feeney, make sure you look out for her. She is currently on tour in America but you can find out more details on her website here.

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