Listowel Literary Walk

Coming to such an historic town during such an historic literary event, it would have been crazy to miss the literary walk (I saw the start of the literary pub crawl last night with one of the characters dragged off down the street – that looks great too).

If you want to know anything about Listowel’s historic or literary past, then Vincent Carmody is your man.

As we walked around the streets of the town, he recounted the marvelous, the magical and the seedy underbelly of Listowel’s writing past. Visiting statues, old buildings and pubs, the past was brought alive through personal anecdotes, jokes, readings, reportage and eyewitness accounts.

I don’t want to give the info away, but as you’d expect John B Keane figured highly, but no literary figure that had resided in, visited or was born in Listowel was missed out. HIghly recommended.

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