More Adventures with Jeremy Strong

Glorious days here in England and I am really looking forward to arriving in Listowel later this week. I must take a look a look at what I’m planning to do and give it some final tweaks. I guess there must be some writers who can just stand there and spout for an hour but I need to think about what I’m doing and give it a bit of shape.

Jeremy Strong
Jeremy Strong

The weather here – I live near Bath – has been lovely these past few days. My wife and I went out walking a couple of days back, enjoying the sun. We had a small river to cross on stepping stones and a crowd of schoolchildren, just out from school, were already crossing one by one. We mixed in with them and my wife went ahead of me. I turned to the girls still on the bank and said; ‘I bet you’re waiting for us to fall in!’ I followed after my wife but she stopped midway and said she couldn’t jump the next bit, it was too far.

I pointed out that a seven year old had just done it.

‘No, no, I can’t.’

She put a hand back to hold on to me to steady herself for the jump. Well, of course, it was a catastrophe. She jumped, fell in and dragged me with her. Our young audience thought it was hilarious. We are speaking to each other – now. (Two days later!) Maybe I can put it in a story….

If you’d like to see more of Jeremy, he will be in the Fossett’s Big Top on Friday, June 1st, from 10.30am to 11.30am.

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