The Dubliners 50th Year Anniversary

2012 is a major landmark for The Dubliners, marking the 50th anniversary of the band. So, with such a glorious career established, is retirement on the cards? Not likely! To mark the occasion, the band is embarking on a tour, with the inaugural performance played at Writers Week.

The concert proved to be a moving and nostalgic experience for all involved. As the current band members sang along to a backdrop of recordings from earlier members, a hauntingly beautiful performance ensued. It was almost like the original band members were present in the big top setting.

As you would expect from such a legendary band, the music was seamless as they played with passion, spirit and energy. Newest member, Jerry O’Connor, who was taught the banjo and fiddle by Barney McKenna, did his tutor proud with an outstanding performance.  This fantastic event went above and beyond my expectations and I’d highly recommend it. For any fan of The Dubliners, this is a magical and important tour not to be missed.

I asked one of the audience members to sum up the event;

“How would I sum it up? Amazing, just brilliant; even better than I expected and I expected big things! Unbelievable – long may they last!”

My thoughts entirely.

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