The Exciting World of Jeremy Strong

Well, the last time I blogged it was about visiting Norway, so what exciting places have I been to recently?

The answer is NONE.

In fact, take this morning. Yes, please, do take it – take it right away from me because it’s been VERY tedious. I have been to the bank. Yippee. I have been to the garage to take the car in for a service. Yippee again. I have been to the Post Office. Oh boy – yippee three times. Now I am waiting for a phone call about a vegetable delivery. Goodness – how can I cope with all this excitement?

I am longing to get back to my shed where I write so that I can drift off into wild daydreams. That’s what a lot of writing is about – not actually writing words on the page but dreaming about the story, imagining it. Sometimes it’s like watching a film going on inside your own head.

Jeremy Strong
Jeremy Strong

I bet that happens to some of you writers out there, and if it does then you will know that it’s a hundred times better than going to the bank. (Unless you’ve won the lottery of course! Which I haven’t. Boo-hoo.)

And now the phone is ringing. It must be that exciting call about the vegetables. GROAN

If you’d like to see more of Jeremy, he will be in the Fossett’s Big Top on Friday, June 1st, from 10.30am to 11.30am.

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