Writers Week Children’s Events

Staying true to their all-encompassing approach, Writers’ Week has again planned an exciting set of events for children, featuring some of the top names in modern children’s literature. For added excitement, many of the events are staged in the atmospheric Fossett’s Big Top.

From storytelling to a unique baby boogie, illustration workshops to drama, song and circus events, there is something to suit every book-loving and creative child – from toddler to teen. Writers ready to charm, inspire, and make the children laugh include; Jeremy Strong, Oisin McGann, Roisin Meany, Sarah Webb, Jerry Mulvihill and many more.

As a taster of what’s to come, here’s what Jeremy Strong has to say about being a children’s writer:

Jeremy Strong
Jeremy Strong

Writing for Children by Jeremy Strong

Maybe you think writers spend most of their time hiding in a dark place, writing. Well I don’t think that’s the case for most children’s writers. Last week I was in Norway visiting an International School that teaches in English, and enjoying the delights of hugely expensive food out there. Anyone for two plates of fish and chips, only €40.00! To be fair we also found a nice ‘Sarah Lund’ sweater in a charity shop for almost nothing. Came home for the weekend then got back on a plane for The Hague, and another International School. This is definitely the best job I’ve had! A bit exhausting sometimes, but I can’t complain. I get to see places all round the world, and all because I write for children.

In my sessions, I generally talk about where I write and where ideas come from and give a reading and answer Q and A’s and it all seems to make the audience laugh a lot and we have a good time and then go home. In addition I shall be mentioning sheds, superglue, doughnuts and chocolate. And possibly throw in the odd bottom or two. Not to mention dolls made from carrots.”

Although many events are free, some events incur a small charge and are now available for booking. Click here to read the full programme of children’s events.

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