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Join Us as a Partner for Listowel Writers’ Week 2024!

Discover the power of literary celebration by partnering with Listowel Writers’ Week, Ireland’s oldest literary festival, now in its 53rd year. Our festival brings together renowned authors, emerging talents, and global readers, fostering a dynamic exchange of ideas and creativity.

Why Partner with Us?
  • Brand Exposure: Align your brand with an internationally recognized festival through extensive marketing and media coverage.

  • Audience Reach: Connect with a diverse demographic of passionate readers, writers, and cultural enthusiasts.

  • Networking Opportunities: Engage with esteemed authors and thought leaders through exclusive events.

  • Corporate Citizenship: Showcase your commitment to supporting arts, culture, and education, enhancing your brand’s reputation.

Appreciation for Your Support

Our previous sponsors have played a vital role in ensuring the success of our festival. Your support enables us to champion literature and nurture creativity on a global stage.

Opportunities for Partnership

Explore our tailored sponsorship packages, offering unique benefits to meet your marketing objectives. Contact Katelyn at (068) 21074 or for further details.

Thank You for Considering Listowel Writers’ Week

Partner with us to make a lasting impact on literature and creativity worldwide. Your support propels us forward in our mission to celebrate the written word.

Patrons – €250 Annual / €21 Per Month
  • Be a proud patron of the Listowel Writers’ Week Festival and receive an invitation to the highlight of the year event – The Opening Ceremony. 
  • Mention in the Festival Programme (optional)
  • Certificate as Patron (optional)
  • Knowledge of Support is philanthropically enabling work of Listowel Writers’ Week

*Free tickets do not include evening events*

* “Transactions totaling €250 or more may qualify for Tax Back benefits in the subsequent year. For details, consult relevant tax authorities or seek professional advice.” *

* On behalf of Listowel Writers’ Week, our sponsors and patrons, We extend our heartfelt gratitude for your unwavering support, which has transformed our literary celebration into a resounding success. Your generosity empowers writers, nurtures creativity, and enriches our cultural tapestry. Your belief in the power of words fuels the vibrant exchange of ideas that defines our festival. Thanks to your commitment, Listowel Writers’ Week continues to be a beacon for literary excellence, fostering connections and inspiring generations. We are profoundly grateful for your integral role in making this event a thriving haven for storytellers. Your enduring support propels our shared passion for literature forward*