LWW is currently funded by the Arts Council and commits to upholding its Paying the Artist policy.

  • -We pay authors €250 for “in conversation” events

We are upfront about the fees from the first email or phone call regrading an offer of work.

We respect every artist’s right to negotiate upwards on any fee offered.

We ensure that the initial communication reflects the full scope of what an artist is expected and required to deliver, including details of any video or audio recordings that will be made of the event.

Fees are paid within 14 working days of receipt of an invoice that can be emailed on full completion of commissioned or requested work, or an agreed date prior to this.

We cover the cost of travel where the writer is travelling outside their county of residence. We also cover accommodation where the length of travel involved and/or the start time of the event necessitates it.

We ensure that writers copyright is respected, both in terms of moral and economic rights.

We believe in the importance of transparency on matters of pay and working conditions, and that sharing this information publicly is to the benefit of all writers and artists.

Much of the language in the above is borrowed from the Arts Council’s Paying the Artist policy document whose principles we align ourselves with.